Our Mission

Raeketsetsa is a movement that empowers girls and young women in the ICT,giving them the confidence to pursue ICT studies,career and their daily lives. Girls and young women have the potential not only to become ICT users,but also to become ICT creators. Raeketsetsa aims to make young women of South Africa aware of the vast possibilities ICT offers,quelling misconceptions about the sector and inviting them to envisio their future as ICT creators.

Our Vission

Being a platform for ICT for young women,Raeketsetsa will equip young women from both township and rural areas with necessary skills in the ICT field while realizing entrepreneurship oppurtunities. RAEKETSETSA is designed to empower girls within the ICT field, being interest and ensure competence of Girl developers within the field. Primitive Objective: Get girls in one room doing development stuff.

Company History

Competence and standards of the division Stimulate and support innovative socio-economic innovation from the girls platform Seek revenue streams *** Acquire partners for the division Funding Attend tech events, network Propose challenges for the hackathons: RHoK Pta and GKHack2015 Occasions activism: women’s day, etc Presentation: ensure female devs at GK and get a threshold of 40% attendance of Girls in Geekulcha associated events and trainings.

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Mobile Dev Club

Building a mobile APP will give young women a glimpse of the booming app industry,and let them experience

Graphics,Animation and Gaming Club

Young Women will create animations,simple educational games and videos to share on the website

Coding Club

Coding is at the heart of today’s digital world.Hence,it is essential that young women are introduced to the logic if

Robot Programing Club

By introducing robotics to women will give them a chance to experience the future,girls and young women can learn the basics of robotics with LEGO MINDSTORM EV3 Robots and experiment

Digital Skills Club

Young women with less experience with computers will acquire basic computer skills.Learning how to switch on the computer,how to open their own email accounts,and introductory on Microsoft Word

Business Enterprise

Teach about how to build a business model and also the elaboration on how to build a business model canvas as well as the fundamental aspects of having a business model canvas

We empower young women through training, workshop and activities.

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